A symbol of anger you can make with your hand by squeezing all fingers together in an enclosed position.
I will slam a fist in yo' face!

I made a fist because I was mad and filled with anger.
by OXxTheKillerxXO May 22, 2015
A pseudonym for fuck, shortened from the vulgar term fist fuck which involved the insertion of a whole arm into a bodily orifice, an attempt to bring this term into mainstream usage was made by Australian Radio and Television personality Maynard F# Crabbes who often used this term back in the days when the censors in Australia still did not allow such language to be broadcast, In one extremely funny incident memorable to the submitter when hosting a childrens Word puzzle television programme Maynard declared the next letter to be "an F, F FOR FIST!" While this obviously vulgar reference passed over both the childrens and censors heads, the more mature viewers who had tuned in to see the great man were besides themselves, (those who got it anyway!)
Geoff: That Barbara is one hot mama!, man do you think I stand a chance of getting a fist?
Allan: I don't think so my friend, she is a bit more fistable than you.

Tony: I just lost my wallet!
Geoff: Oh fist me dead mate! how the bloody hell did you go an do that?
by Geoffrey House August 09, 2007
noun. a temporary evolution of the pokemon, Raichu, by use of the ecstasy pill. the attack power of such a beast cannot be compared to most mythilogical beings. also see thunder rape
Ash: Using the ecstacy pill, Raichu evolves into....FIST!
by Humpcatter16 January 17, 2010
Acronym for Fuck It's Still Thursday.
I need a weekend, but FIST.
by pyropunk May 04, 2009
1)to submurge a closed fist into a cavity on the human body (normally the vagina, but can include the anus, and mouth)

2) a large quantity of
1) i got so mad, i just fisted her!

2) its pay day! i totally got a fist of cash from the bank!
by YOUR MOM GOES TO COLLEGE April 06, 2005
to place one's fist into another's anal opening to produce pleasure.
did you see those lesbians go at it? then she fisted her @$$hole!!
by Stu March 08, 2003
Sexual - To place one's hand or fist into a vagina for pleasure.
OH MY GAWD!!!! First me some more you man whore!
by Falken January 16, 2003

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