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Fighting, especially when initiated by a woman who's protecting her ownership of her man.
Song "Fist City" by The Meat Purveyors (Austin).
"I'm telling you gal to lay off of my man unless you want to go fist city."
"You'd better lose your face and stay out of my way unless you want to go to fist city."
"If you don't want to go to fist city, you'd better detour around my town cuz I'll grab you by the hair of your head and lift you off of the ground."
by Jwpen October 20, 2007
RVA aka Richmond, Virginia. (804) (804) (804) (804)
Cat from NewportNews: Lets go get fisted in fist city.
by church boy804 October 25, 2010
A term we use to describe aggravated fights at Chico State parties.
That guy last night just would not stop talking shit so I went fist city and beat his ass.


Last night we almost went fist city with those lames.
by Breeze and Dandonkulous April 10, 2005