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When you apply fish food flakes to ur vagina and entice a cat or pussy to lick the fish flakes from ur vaginal area.
I was feelin rather horny...and i had began to notice my cats fondness for fish food and i was intrigued as to the way he lapped at the flake so i decided to apply the flakes to my vagina,i no had a fishy pussy and my lord i was wet when i saw my cats (who happened to be named tim) began to lap at my clit.....that was some good pussy licking....
by col the sex god March 22, 2007
1. A womans pussy that smells remotely like a fish
2. A woman that stuffs large fish in their pussy for the amusmant of others
1: That chick has a fishy pussy
2: LOL
by scottysullivan October 03, 2006
When a girl has drank that much beer her vagina starts to smell like a dirty fish
Wow, that liz chick has a Fishy Pussy!
by JamesB123123123 August 14, 2010