when a guy/girl puts their mouth up a girls shirt and makes out/kisses/bites/ or sucks on her boobs
Bill says " Hey Tony's head is up that girls shirt, but she looks like shes enjoying it,... he must be fishing"
#boob job #boobs #tits #titty #cans #jugs #erotic #love #lust #sex on chest
by James Davis August 10, 2007
Another name for a hand job. Used in notes by two insane teenage girls inorder to not scar other readers.
Loki: Did you go fishing with Travis last night?
Nim: Yes.
Loki: Did you two have fun?
Nim: Yes, him more so than me.
by Nim December 13, 2004
slang term for shoe sex
Don't go fishing...
by ghyslain is a faggot September 04, 2003

Comes from "Master Baiter", get it?
Guys, I can't go out tonight, I'm going fishing.
by MoonKnight April 17, 2003
Its where you have sex with a 100 year old or older lady.
randy went fishing with steven's
by gawdman August 04, 2004
When a guy put his nose in a girls vigina and blows.
"Then Bob and me went fishing lats night."
by Caitlin June 17, 2004
A pointless sport that involves waiting around for hours with a hook in the water. If a fish gets caught on this hook, the fisher will either throw it back in (I do not understand the reason for injuring an innocent creature only to put it back), eating it (because apparently the taste is worth the death of a harmless creature), or stuffing it and hanging it up on the wall (because everyone loves showing off how big of a creature they can murder and who doesn't like having dead animals lying around the house?).
If you wouldn't hook a dog, why hook a fishing? Fishing hurts!
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