getting away from everyone for a few hours to talk about stupid things and act like you're catching fish
Scott used to go fishing with his friend, Terry. Now, he just donates money to the state for his yearly fishing license and daydreams about driving a boat on a lake.
by Jaco Pastoreus May 30, 2006
A miracle breakthrough on the sets of gay porn across the which two exuberantly gay men apply lipstick to their lips and then pucker up and kiss the other guys butthole to replicate pussy lips. He then drenches fish sauce on the butthole to simulate that great putrid smell of a moist pussy. This altogether is called "Fishing"
Hey Son you wanna go fishing this Saturday night. Alright Dad..I'll be sure to bait my penis with fish sauce.
by Ooter McCooterson April 19, 2005
A term used when Activists are trying to make a point.
The Activist thought she was making a point, when in fact she was just fishing for one.
by Lunker August 25, 2003
Another name for a hand job. Used in notes by two insane teenage girls inorder to not scar other readers.
Loki: Did you go fishing with Travis last night?
Nim: Yes.
Loki: Did you two have fun?
Nim: Yes, him more so than me.
by Nim December 13, 2004
Euphemism for partaking in alcoholic beverages to excess. Easy for minors to use inconspicuously.
Hey man, I was thinking about going fishing this weekend.

Oh is the pond stocked?

No, but it might be. I think I got a hookup.

by Hughbert Gerald Rection August 03, 2004
when a guy/girl puts their mouth up a girls shirt and makes out/kisses/bites/ or sucks on her boobs
Bill says " Hey Tony's head is up that girls shirt, but she looks like shes enjoying it,... he must be fishing"
by James Davis August 10, 2007
slang term for shoe sex
Don't go fishing...
by ghyslain is a faggot September 04, 2003

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