the act of an upperclassman going for a freshman
i got a lot of shit about going fishing back in sophomore year
by ian the d March 17, 2004
smoking marijuana, and thereby getting high
Wanna go fishing? I have a rod and a pond where we could do it all we need are some worms.
by ChuckLaNucK September 08, 2005
The act of fishing is you send a member of the opposite sex a saucy picture of yourself, in the hope of receiving an equally good picture.
"I went fishing last night"
"Oh yeah, get anything good?"
by King_Richard July 29, 2009
A game that is played in jail. To catch a "Fish," an inmate would find a fairly new member in the jail. They would then take them to meet the "Fisherman," or the gang, after which the Fisherman proceed to gang rape the fish, all the while chanting "" The fish has then been caught
Let's go fishing
by kananakook May 29, 2009
To go around looking for girls you like to ask out.
To day i was fishing at the party
by Jonah Gould March 27, 2007
In cricket to go fishing is too dangle the bat at balls outside of off stump. Also known as having a nibble.
Bowler: Come on lads we've got him fishing!
by umpirestrikesback July 20, 2005
To smoke weed or to buy it (fish)
"heyy you wanna go fishing tonight!?"
"hey i just picked up some fish last night"
"i'm so fucking fished out!"
by tits jr July 10, 2008
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