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Code for smoking marijuana.

Fish bait = Marijuana and a bowl/rolling papers/bong/vaporizer/some way to smoke the weed.

Going fishing = smoking marijuana.

Having fish = You're high.
Look at that kid, he looks like he's gone fishing quite a few times today.
by boobalaface May 18, 2009
sitting in a boat like an idiot.
often involves drinking in a boat like an idiot...
by Greg April 29, 2004
The act of falling asleep during class or work.

It is called fishing since when you start getting sleepy, your head slowly droops down then comes back up in an instant, repeatedly, like a bobber while fishing.
Guy 1 "Man, Mr. Samuelsons lecture today was boring. I kept fishing the whole time"
Guy 2 "I noticed. You looked retarded the whole time"
by Nokitch April 20, 2011
a code from brevard NC that usually means smoking marijuana. materials used are usually called bait and equipment.
Rob:"hey joe wanna go 'fishing'(wink wink)?"
Jeff :"you got the bait man?
Rob:"hell yeah!"
by ScootsinBoots November 19, 2009
also a term used by event staff, usually at concerts, where they stand on a barricade to gain control of a crowd surfer, who is about to crack their skull wide open on the ground infront of the stage
Travis threw his back out fishing at Ozzfest last weekend.. dumb fuck shoulda just let him fall
by jonnycupcakes September 13, 2007
The act of carrying out gay sex. Comes from Brokeback Mountain where the main characters use 'fishing' as their excuse to engage in sexual activities without their wives' consent.
Peter: Wanna go fishing tomorrow?
Tony: You bet, at the motel?
Wife: Have fun guys!
by Krad's December 25, 2007
while at a camp going off into the woods and making out
Kim: "Why is Sarah's back covered in leaves?"
Dylan: "She was out fishing with Dale."
by Veronica Mars (<3) August 13, 2010