A secret rendezvous for gay sex. (From the movie Brokeback Mountain)
Jack and Ennis said they were going on a fishing trip, but actually spent the time buggering and sodomizing each other.
by Mister Pinhead October 28, 2008
Top Definition
Involving one guy and two girls or three guys, either way. Anyway, it is when a guy lays down naked and one of the three sits on his face. The other sits on the man's cock. The two members on top start bouncing on the man, causing extreme pleasure for the one on the cock, and then doing a rowing formation with their arms as if rowing a canoe .
"Yea man, me and the asian twins totally did the fishing trip last night. It was awesome!"

by Zheng Xiao February 13, 2009
A phrase used to describe when someone posts a status to Facebook (or other social media) for the sole, pathetic, and plainly obvious purpose of baiting others into giving likes or positive comments to boost self-esteem.
Did you see Brianna go on that fishing trip last night? She posted, "Ugh, I feel like I never look good enough." Good thing almost nobody took the bait.
by HarrisonBergeron January 08, 2015
a lawyer's term for when a cop searches ur car for more than he pulled you over 4.
the cop pulled me over for a license plate light being out then searched my car fully for mary-j. my lawyer told me they were doing a fishing trip
by fskiboy February 23, 2009
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