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What two homosexuals engaged in an affair may call each other when they both simultaneously have heterosexual spouses and children back at home and do not want them to know about the gay affair; OR they just don't want anyone else to know that they are together and gay.
They may go up to old Brokeback a few times a year and will refer to each other as their "fishing buddy" as a cover.
Ennis Del Mar: See you later honey.
Wife: Where are you going?!
Ennis Del Mar: Just up to old Brokeback.
Wife: What? With whom?!
Ennis: You know, just Jack, my old fishing buddy.
Wife: Oh alright...
Ennis: Not like we fuck or anything.
Wife: What?
Ennis: Nothing, bye!
by fag patrol March 21, 2008
The guy you take with you to Canada in case a grizzly bear chases you. You shoot the guy in the leg so he'll thrash around and distract the bear.
Bill shure was screaming when that bear got him. He was a real fishing buddy!
by Throat Pick August 11, 2008

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