A quick response when someone is telling a story (lie) about anything (usually about fish or sex).
Poser: "Dude, I was at this party and I hooked up with three of the cheerleaders from school! You should have been there!"

Dude: "Oh fisherman's tale. You couldn't hook up with any of the geeks as opposed to three of the cheerleader. Poser."
by kuro musha August 09, 2006
Top Definition
To ejaculate under a girls' nose. Then hold her mouth shut so she cannot breath, which forces her to snort said ejaculate through her nostrils.
My father used to be a shrimp boat captain. He's always giving people the fisherman's tale.

angry dragon
angry pirate
pearl necklace
strawberry shortcake
by TBag420 February 07, 2009
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