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the biggest joke of a college in boston. unfortunately the students are not laughing and neither are the people paying their 37,000 a year tuition
student from fisher: i go to fisher college
student from bu: what is that?
by fishahhh hatahhh November 09, 2009
Abbreviation for the Max M. Fisher College of Business - The Ohio State University. A Big Ten business school and top-tier MBA program.
New England native: My brother went to Fisher College

Yankees fan: I've tailgated at the horseshoe right next to Fisher. I heard Steinbrenner gave a boatload of cash to Ohio State for the naming rights on the stadium.

New England native: Oh no, it's a small private school in bean town. At the time my parents thought $39,000 per year was a good value.

Yankees fan: Ya didn't really think that one through.
by Collegefootballer February 28, 2011
A small college in Boston across the street from the commons. Typically rich kids who can't get into real colleges but want to appear that they are going to a good college go there. No one is intelligent and drink every night and do far too many drugs.
Person 1:Which College do you go to in Boston?

Fisher College student: I go to Fisher College!
Person 1: Thats not a real college.
by thefishbowl June 17, 2009