A term describing an very offensive and nauseating odor that eminates from a penis that remains unwashed for days after having intercourse with a woman's love pocket.
Jon Martin had wicked fish-bird after drilling his old lady and not washing for a week, because he is a nasty bastard.
by Scott Nelson January 30, 2003
Top Definition
Birds that are fish-like. Bird as in penguin, not the English reference to women.

Alternate: Exclamation of multi-tasking awesomeness.
That penguin is some kind of fishbird, dammit. It stole my fish taco.


Guy 1: I just closed a deal, hit my high score on brickbreaker and clipped my toenails during a staff meeting.

by Gentlmen Phishbird February 23, 2011
Girl who eats like a bird, but drinks like a fish. Don't be fooled by her minimal appetite, she is not a cheap date as she can consume up to 10 long islands in one sitting. On the upscale fish-birds generally put out as they do love to fuck.
That girl barely eats but she drinks like a fucking fishbird.
by bearchicken August 28, 2012
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