A large plastic bowl or Tupperware container left on the counter next to the kitchen sink during a house party. The idea being that instead of throwing the last bit of an unwanted drink down the sink, you pour it into the fishbowl to be drank by multiple people with straws later on. Often more than one fishbowl will be created throughout the night, so face-off for downing the whole thing is a common occurrence; often with disastrous consequences.

Alternatively a very strong drink ordered in a bar consisting of all the spirits the bar offers and lemonade, served in a plastic fishbowl and placed into the center of the table to be shared between the group.
John: I don't know what was in that fishbowl last night, but I started blowing chunks after the first few gulps

Alex: We caught Jess spoiling the fishbowl with orange juice last night, so we made her drink a whole pint from it
by Mattacar June 22, 2010
Top Definition
To fill a room or car up with smoke
Hey we fish bowled his car, we opended the doors, and pphhwwooom, shit was like Fast Times At Ridgemont high
by chris January 26, 2004
Verb. The act of filling a vehicle with smoke from the illegal drug Marijuana.
fishbowling is accomplished by closing all windows and doors and shutting off all air vents while smoking Marijuana inside the vehicle. fishbowling can be extremely dangerous while driving, and may cause asphyxiation if one stays in a fishbowl too long.

Noun. The inside of a fishbowled vehicle
"holla, we gonna go fishbowl the Tahoe, peace."
"Damn, look at that fishbowl dog. i wanna get in on some of that"
by DJ FoxPhyre March 26, 2003
Verb. Getting so drunk you pass out with your head in a fish bowl. The person will generally not remember the experience because they were too wasted.
Person 1: "Did you see Gibby last weekend?"
Person 2: "Yeah he got fishbowled!"
Both: "Fishbowl!!!!!!!"
by BBBBBBBBBBBB August 11, 2012
a place or situation with little or no privacy
The average family seems to fall apart when their life is turned into a fish bowl.
by The Return of Light Joker July 09, 2009
(verb): To render some or all dimensions of one's private life (or someone else's, oftentimes against their will) transparent for the outside world to observe -- either as a benevolent teaching device or a means of malicious privacy violation. Is frequently inflicted upon, or voluntarily undertaken by, celebrities of many various fields.
I can't believe he's actually going to participate in that trashy reality show -- his career must really be in the slumps. Why else would he fishbowl himself like that?
by Molten Bradley October 04, 2013
When you fist a girl with a handful of Swedish Fish, stuffing her vagina to the brim, then slowly eat her out, eating the fish one by one.
Tommy gave me such a big fishbowl last night. My vagina is going to be sticky for weeks.
by Zavolta June 21, 2016
When a room has too many windows
I don't like having my lessons in here everyone can see what you are doing because it's a fish bowl.
by Lauren12xxo May 17, 2015
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