Fucking Idiot Shit Head

definition: necessary?
Oh my god, Johny is a f.i.s.h.
by baga November 23, 2006
To lapse into a convulsion after huffing gas (Typically regarding nitrous oxide).
After that first whippit, I collapsed to the floor and started to fish, knocking all kinds of shit over.
by Uncle Beasley September 01, 2006
A replacement for the word bitch.
That fish is thick as hell.
by Brian Walker August 02, 2005
used to tag Freshman in Mchenry highschool
"Get the fish!"
"let's fish him!"
by andres3000 April 14, 2005
1.A Masively Awesome Person
2.A fat lazy Bastard
3.Shut up damn it!!1!
4.Make Me!!!
1.Matthew Ericksen
2.Tyler Pinomaki
3.Johnathan Wang
by Matthew Ericksen April 03, 2005
Not meat.
I am a vegetarian who eats fish, not meat.
by Peterson September 02, 2003
a flip flopper tha is a fat,ugly,stupid,stinky social retard with a malformed brain named Will and is NOT a symbol of God.
Will is a fish.
by Pure Beauty August 07, 2003

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