An alcoholic beverage
You got the fish?

Yeah, we are going fishing tonight.
by Hughbert Gerald Rection August 03, 2004
a gay little stoner who is scared of gettin a hair cut and fancys amy gun
joe fish
by dan moore March 22, 2004
something that smells like pussy.
Wow, this fish smells like your mom's pussy dude!
by Poonany April 22, 2003
a really really hot guy, not necessarily in personality, but eyecandy.
look over there quick by the mannakins! That guy is one fine fish.
by iwishiwishihadafish December 18, 2002
An acronym used on the Internet which stands for "Freaking Inserting Something Here" can also be interchangeably used with <><.
Steve: Dude, my gf broke up with me. What do I do?!
Ted: Ugh, f.i.s.h.?
by Zachary A. July 24, 2007
fish is another word for v.v.v.v. buff/ghetto/cool/funky. it is influenced by the BRILLIANT and INCREDIBLY FUNKILY RANDOM film 'happy feet' - 'i think you're really fish'
wow, you're wearing some FISH green & black converse today!!!
by SheWithTheFatCat January 27, 2007
A common replacement for the f-word, or just any curse word in general.
Ah! Fish! It's mauling me!

Stop fishing mauling me!
by Michael/Mathew/David/Hans/MB/X August 12, 2005
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