a biblical allusion to the book of job, gospel, etcetera and often used in parables concerning jesus (being the fish) or in reference to prospects of saintliness
facetiously: "you're such a fish"
by FedExxon November 12, 2008
An individual who jumps into an thread and flames the OP without taking the time to read and understand the post.
on a gaming site: The Op posts "Grass is overpowered." A scarcastij jab at all the crying about over powered weapons.

a "fish" will jump into the fray and flame the OP without taking the time to see the sarcasm.
by Snakedoctor55 February 19, 2008
A jewish replica of everyone that sings the song "Twinkle twinkle little star" while eating cheese in a yellow bathroom with a blue toilet seat with orange polka dots.
Bob is a fish on Fridays.
by Blippy January 06, 2008
a name for a high school freshmen
Look at those freshmen. They are all Pussy Fish.
by jdsadssd August 21, 2007
What you get when you multiply 2 and 2.
Subject 1: Dude, what's 2 times 2?

Subject 2: Dude, it's frickin fish! Everybody knows that! damn...
by shaqrumbelle May 22, 2007
(noun.) Word used to initiate the game of the same name, that envolves the person who begins the game offering an item (usually of food) to the first person who repeats the word back to them.
Initiator: I've had enough of this sandwhich...Fish!

Person 2: FISH

Person 3: FISH

Person 4: FISH

Person 2: I won!

Person 1: Ok *hands person 2 whats left of the sandwhich*
by NJS May 06, 2007
When you fart, shit, and piss at the same time.
Oops I just fished myself
by Tripod and Company House January 02, 2007
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