Somebody who forgets things frequently.
Someone with the memory span of a goldfish
guy1- dam i forgot to turn off the stove when i left home!

guy2-your such a fucking fish dude
by iSpooge112 August 14, 2009
term used by a woman describing every man out there. such as banner fish, sweet fish, trout, jelly fish, lion fish, clown fish, sardine, crab, sting rays, eels, puffer fish and any combinations of such.
mary: jason is such a shark!

Lily: oh please, hes a banner fish, but hes a shark compared to sheldon. now thats a trout.
by factssss August 09, 2009
When a random person sits with your group while your eating anywhere, usually taking up the LAST seat. Fish will not say a word, no matter what. Fish sits there and looks stupid while everyone bitches at him to move, but wont because he knows he took the last seat ANYWHERE, excluding one of your friends.
Timmy got held up in class and went to lunch late, only to find a fish in his seat.

Timmy- wtf...

Fish- *blinks*

Timmy- gtfo my seat...

Fish- *blinks*

everyone- Fish, out!!

Fish- *blinks*
by ogrodnick March 04, 2009
Those things under water kids try to immatate then drown because some Insane girl held them under for trying to be a fish
Kid: Look at the fishy. *Jumps in and trys to swim like one.*

Lady: You idiot! *Holds him under as punishment*
by Lucid_Nightmare777 February 18, 2009
a biblical allusion to the book of job, gospel, etcetera and often used in parables concerning jesus (being the fish) or in reference to prospects of saintliness
facetiously: "you're such a fish"
by FedExxon November 12, 2008
An individual who jumps into an thread and flames the OP without taking the time to read and understand the post.
on a gaming site: The Op posts "Grass is overpowered." A scarcastij jab at all the crying about over powered weapons.

a "fish" will jump into the fray and flame the OP without taking the time to see the sarcasm.
by Snakedoctor55 February 19, 2008
A jewish replica of everyone that sings the song "Twinkle twinkle little star" while eating cheese in a yellow bathroom with a blue toilet seat with orange polka dots.
Bob is a fish on Fridays.
by Blippy January 06, 2008

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