“Fish” is a term that originated from poker. The term “fish” describes a player who is new to the game and gets taken advantage of by the other players. They are scared to put too much money at risk, but they like to play a lot of hands. Once they call initially, it is easy for a good player to push them out of a hand with a large bet. Everybody loves to have a fish at their table.
That was the most profitable game ever. That fish was basically handing me his chips!
by Csal May 05, 2011
girl 1: that guys a fish

girl 2: he's a what?!

girl 1: a fish-someones who's fit intelligent sexy and hot

girl 2: ohhh i agree
by LilTierneyBradshaw November 22, 2010
ryan elliot
ryan elliot is a fish
by capsvsleafs November 25, 2009
Derogatry term about a gay man. Origniated in Jamaica.
Look Pon Dem Fish Deh Ah Hug Up.
by Jermie17 April 10, 2009
A noob who likes to fish too much. He is believed to often play Runescape and to screw around with people's minds. He can also sometimes be known to be immature and annoying.
"Shutup Fish"
by I Do Not Wear Kneepads October 24, 2008
1. The jealous and overly possesive girlfriend that everyone hates.

2. A drunk bitch, preferably ugly, most likely vomiting.

** Can also be interchanged with "sea bass" and "trout", depending on severity.
"That fucking fish was all up in my face at the bar last night and then she puked on my new kicks."

A. Have you met Anthony's girlfriend?

B. Oh, she's a fucking trout, man. Straight up sea bass.
by Megan Eason August 21, 2008
Usually the smell of a womens vaginal area.
Dude 1: "If it smells like fish, its a tasty dish!"

Dude 2: "If it smells like cologne, leave it alone!"
by wu$$$hApp3n!n July 10, 2008

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