A feminine (often extremely feminine) gay male.
Duane is fish and he only dates trade.
by Lythand April 24, 2007
A lot of fish
Aunkita: Wow those are a lot of fishes!
by fighterhawk September 20, 2011
an aquatic animal that swims
by FISHIEIGUANA May 08, 2011
wrestling term: flops on back
that kid was such a fish, he practically went to his back
by DFlip January 19, 2011
An insult that is not in a mean way. An insult that is a joke. For friends and birthday parties.
person a: I don't like skating
person b: you fish
by MyFriendCallsMeAFishALot November 06, 2010
A person born under the sign of Pisces. Feb. 19 - Mar. 20
person 1: When is Mike Francisco's birthday?

person 2: Uh... March 7th, he's a fish.

person 1: That would explain why he's such a sensitive, intelligent, handsome and creative guy.

person 2: That's true, most Pisces are.
by aquanaut37 November 30, 2009
A PG replacement for "shit".
A Kid: Dad, I accidently lit your screenplay on fire.
Dad: Ah, fish.
by SejwickRogue November 02, 2008

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