Golf slang. Used when a player fails to advance the ball. Fuck Its Still Here
F.i.s.h. I'll try again.
by Al Denmark July 01, 2006
a term used in the gay community to describe a natural born girl.

That girl looks so real! She has to be fish!
by Eduado08F April 26, 2009
noun; an honorary vegetable from a non-vegetarian point of view.
The belief stems from those that never won games of animal, vegetable, mineral.
The buffet has got plenty for those who are vegetarians: fresh salmon; sushi; tuna vol-au-vents
by eddietheshit January 18, 2005
Guy 1- My girlfriend broke up with me.
Guy 2- F.I.S.H. ,bro.
by SHEEZY May 09, 2012
a word to describe a female
look at fish over there tryna look cute
by ladycartier tiffany February 15, 2007
A member of the opposite gender. See example for proper usage.
"Don't feel bad," said Person A to Person B,"there are many more fish in the sea."
by Keijiro September 27, 2005
A freshman (in high school or in a college/university)
Stupid fish, the lunchroom is over there.
by Victor December 30, 2004

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