a euphenism for fuck. when you're around people who hate swearing.
What the fish is that doing there?
I hate that lousy fu...fisher. Erm...
What the FISH??
by Lolli Queen September 06, 2005
A guy that makes out REALLY REALLLLLLLLYYYYYY Bad! Like a fish.. hint hint
"I made out with Neil last night... what a fish!"
by Gabba February 23, 2005
a girl's cunt thats stank.
Damn girl! Your fish be stank. CLose ya legs
by Justin Bird February 17, 2004
A new term for prison bitches.Possibly connected with oral sex.
From the final scene in THE ONE:

prisoners:"Fresh fish,pretty mouth"
Jet-Li:"I am U-law.I am nobody's bitch!"
by Jamaican - S.W. December 12, 2003
fish, it's what it says it is a damned fish you idiot
that fish was flopping around after the ugly chick caught it with her bare hand.
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
What your mom smells like
"Dude why's your mom smell like fish"
"She doesn't wash down there"
by Raab_HIMSELF June 11, 2003
Very unpleasant to eat
by Blunt Bandit 66 April 01, 2003
An acronym meaning Fat Irish Skanky Ho.
Guy 1: Yo, that lady's such a F.I.S.H.
Guy 2: A what?
Guy 1: A fat irish skanky ho. She was all over my English teacher.
Guy 2: ROFL.
by Mr. Tom Cat Jones January 26, 2012

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