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Any type of condiment one puts on a female vagina to increase the male's enjoyment of oral sex.
ex. whip cream

Hmm! Thats some mighty fine, tasting goods you got there. What type of fish sause is that?
by somemoron May 01, 2005
1. Staple product of Vietnamese people.

2. Cause of bad breathe.
Vietnamese people cannot eat anything without fish sauce.
by S March 16, 2004
The wetness of a woman's vagina, that gives it that fishy smell
Damn honey, go wash up. You got a McFillet going on down there with extra fish sauce.
by Mr Emptypants November 02, 2015
The wetness of a woman vagina that gives it that fishy smell
Damn, Girl you need to get int eh shower and clean up some that fish sauce. Your smelling ripe.
by Mr Emptypants November 01, 2015
The goo left in the bottom of a boat, fish locker, cooler, etc. after containing fish for a while.
Hey, look out! Don't step in the fish sauce, it's slippery!
by wifflebird April 08, 2008
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