A womens poker game. fish being the pungeant odor originating from their snatch, and of course the betting chips. therefore, you have fish n chips.
angela, helga and mary were enjoying a nice game of fish n chips during the sticky summer night.
by david the c December 07, 2009
Top Definition
A take-away meal purchased by an English person from a 'chippie'.

It consists of battered fish (usually Cod, sometimes Haddock) and tastes best accompanied by mushy peas (ie. peas that have been squashed into a pulp) and curry sauce.

Usually costs around £4
"I'll have one of each with scraps, please"
by paul raine May 05, 2004
When a girl gets dandriff in her pubic hair located near the vagina.
Person#1: Dude! That Rima chick has fish n chips up the ying yang! DO NOT Eat her out!
Ryan: ok...
by cuntstain69 July 20, 2006
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