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a gathering with an overabundance of females in attendance.

Much like "sausage fest" to refer to a party with too many males.
"This party is a total fish market. The only guy here is gay. I'm going home and riding the rabbit"
by Andrew July 01, 2004
When a party/gathering has an over-whelming number of females and no males. The counter-part to 'sausage-fest' but much, much worse.
Kelly: Hey, let's go to that Sig Tau party, I heard it's great.

Susan: No way! I just got back from there, total fish market!
by Honest-E September 26, 2010
The collective pronoun for lesbians, particularly the butch ones who dont believe in hygiene.
Look! There go a fishmarket of lesbians into the dildo shop.
by anfl November 19, 2004
When a woman doesnt clean her twat for a long period of time
Janine you having a fish market down there
by jc curtis April 16, 2008
A dirty ass bitch who has a frigging bad stench!!!
Dawg take a dicko at that fishmarket but clip ur nose if u dont wanna "hit the pavement"(to fall)!!!
by Kevin February 03, 2004
Filipino person.
That fish market is grilling us. Lets bang him in.

That Fish market is garbage. Waste.
by Nigga Prease October 14, 2010
it mean pussy as in pussy some times smells like rotten fish
there was this blind my right and he was working his way down the street with this stick right. he walked passed this fish market and said smhhhhh whew good morning ladies "afroman-colt 45"
by Austin Williamson March 09, 2005
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