An experience a boy/girl has when they never gotten kissed before/Or maybe on a date with a new boyfriend/girlfriend
"Wow, I can't believe Jill did not give me the details of her and Mike's first kiss."
by Toria March 06, 2004
some thing that is really awesome.. but what i cant remember mine.. its a time when everything around you stops. its magical and romantic. but.. if it goes wrong it can be very slobery and sloppy. lol
my first kiss was a long time ago i dont really remember it.. but i do remember it was something ill never forget
by marissa March 11, 2004
The first time you kiss a boy/girl. Trust me, it's not like a movie kiss mostly, at all. It's not a perfect romantic kiss with a slight wind that makes his/her hair flair a bit. Mostly it's short and uncomfortable.
my first kiss was when i wass 14 and it sucked pretty bad.
by mesa500 February 03, 2011
"only kiss you dont forget and your not drunk when you do it

when you put the smack down on a pretty lady and your dick is harder than when you saw your friends mom naked"

is it wrong that my first kiss was erection-free? i suppose i was only 5, so it's ok... ha ha
Girl: eww, you have cooties *wipes off her lips and spits*
by Random Poster March 13, 2004
A person's first kiss. Ever. You could label your first kiss with your boyfriend or something like that, but if you're going to say "first kiss" alone like that, it implies your first kiss with anybody ever. And it doesn't mean a peck on the lips. that's first peck. First kiss implies making out.
Girlfriend: Where was your first kiss?
Boyfriend: In the boys bathroom at the school. You?
Girlfriend: uh...over there (runs, boy follows, they make out, thus her first ever kiss was "over there")
by ApocolypseSpaz December 03, 2006
one of your first "foot popping" or "leg lifting" moments
I just got my first "foot popping" kiss
by Malou Jaggli March 09, 2004
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