When two lips touch in a romantic form for the first time.
Our first kiss turned out to be great.
by Ryan March 08, 2004
first french kiss with some person
my brother will never get his first kiss
by Toxic March 13, 2004
the third time you score
me and lolita had our first kiss, and it's only our second date
by johnny appleseed March 10, 2004
the first kiss only means something for girls. do u know any guys who remember their first kiss? of course not. now ask them about the first time they had sex, then bingo!, the one that cant remember is a retard.
ill give u U$10,000 if u find a guy who remember his first kiss
by lucy loves daron March 02, 2004
wen u lie and say ya first kiss was like in the 4th grade...but it was actually in da 7th ahhh haa
dag u neva kissed a boi till da 7th grade dag u move slow "ma first kiss was in the 4th grade"
by Danielle Z December 20, 2004
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