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When two lips touch in a romantic form for the first time.
Our first kiss turned out to be great.
by Ryan March 08, 2004
If the instances in one's life when their oral lips had touched another object with the intention of conveying a sense of love, or when another object's oral lips had touched their body with the same intention, were listed chronologically from left to right, the instance of the first kiss would invariably be on the far left of that rather sad and pointless list.
Her first kiss occurred just after she had been washed by the midwife and handed to her red faced mother.
by Lee Solomons March 14, 2004
1. "my first kiss" - the first chronological consensual sexual mouth-to-mouth contact in a person's life. 2. "our first kiss" - the first chronological consensual sexual mouth-to-mouth contact in a relationship. past the age of 16, if you close your eyes during a first kiss and it is not because of blinding rain, sleet, shrapnel, or imminent death, then you are a loser.
"Brad said that the dinner I made us for our fourth date reminded him of his first kiss, because he took his girl to an Italian place. I asked him to tell me more, but he got quiet. He said he was sorry for bringing up that other girl from long ago, and even though I said it wasn't a big deal, he still seemed upset. He looked right into my eyes and said that since he met me, he just had stopped caring about other women completely. With a smirk I leaned over the kitchen table and stopped his stammering with our first kiss, then a lot more."
by nihil8r March 10, 2004
the awkward, braces-filled moment when two teenagers simultaneously lean forward and begin to lick each other's faces.
Ew! Can you say "first kiss"?!? Dude! Don't do that in public!
by waypastfirstkiss March 12, 2004
The first part or the first sign of a yet to come trouble
nad: the boss was really tough with the consultant today, wasnt she?
mil: yeah well..this is the first kiss only!!
by FP March 10, 2004
the first kiss is usually defined as the first real kiss involving tounge. first french kiss
When Nick stuck his tounge down my throat, it was my first kiss.
by Brianna March 05, 2004
what a Rabbi does after he performs a circumcision
So, did he get his festkis?
by peter March 02, 2004
only kiss you dont forget and your not drunk when you do it
when you put the smack down on a pretty lady and your dick is harder than when you saw your friends mom naked
by theshit March 02, 2004