When two lips touch in a romantic form for the first time.
Our first kiss turned out to be great.
by Ryan March 08, 2004
the numero uno kiss with a new woman, usually la creme de la creme, the best that there is
My first kiss with Nancii was so great that I darn near fainted; after that, I couldn't get her out of my mind even a year after we split.
by Jake March 01, 2004
more than just a peck..and actually make out type kiss
I had my first kiss after the movie in the car.
by ohyeahbaby12345 March 13, 2004
Complete disaster!
My first kiss was horrible cuz i didnt know what the hell i was doing!
by Shannon March 04, 2004
When two people male/female, female/female or male/male kiss for the first time in there life.My first kiss was after the christmas dance in the science room after that it felt so good and it was so magically. I did it about 20 times in school with the same guy till i got in trouble and the principle called my parents but i'd do it again!!though i havent done it since soooo theres a lesson for you younger people dont kiss in school teachers ruin it!!!!
my first kiss december 2003
by *~kisses and hugs~* XOXO May 02, 2004
What one recieves after first sustaining a kiss from the opposite sex. Also a game called True Love 95 shown the latter community how to score with opposite sex.
OMG DUDE I LIEK GOT MY FIRST KISS IRL !>!!!!11~~ HOW COOZ0R IS THAT LOLZ!! 2 BAD IM 25. (thanks to cs for definition)
by Dylan March 17, 2004
Three words: big fucking deal.
You had your first kiss eh? Well good luck staying with that girl/guy all through junior high school,high school,and college.
by 0niTTRay March 08, 2004
Something that, if not recieved before the end of high school, makes you pathetic in the eyes of society.
John is 19 and still hasn't had his first kiss!
by Platypus,M March 09, 2004

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