a place at a creek near frenchville state school in rockhampton, qld, australia. if you follow a path you will get to first turkey, there is a creek where you can swim if it has rained lately. there also is a hobo that made a hut there, he lives in his hut with his shopping trolley. first turkey. people have been known to try and grow drugs around there.
let's go burn down that hut that the hobo lives in at first turkey, it'll be grand
by matt March 07, 2005
Top Definition
A great spot in Rockhampton to take a girl to and bang her well, when it rains the creeks flow really fast and its super fun to ride a bike through and drown.
1. First turkey, yeh, thats what i thought.
2. Im feeling wet, lets do it like its at first turkey
by make_love March 07, 2005
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