not smart, useless, not appropriate.
That kid's a firk, you're a firk.
by D.E.R. February 07, 2007
Top Definition
The flakes of skin that fall off due to the action of vigorous bodily scratching. Can sometimes leave a trail similar to that of a snake shedding it's skin.
Oh my word check out the trail of firk coming off that guy, it's almost like it is snowing!
by DrPegPacAss March 03, 2011
Acronym describing somoene as Funny Intelligent Responsible/Respectful and Kind
"You know what kind of boyfriend you need, a FIRK!!!"
by Jennifer L April 05, 2008
A word that means the same as 'expel' in schools or universities.
The school firked him for doing drugs.
by Jevans May 12, 2005
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