1. a shiny pink window - see also: sex

2. a shiny dildo wrapped in marijuana leaves that you light on fire and extinguish with your tongue or mouth - see also: pot-dildo
1. The pink Firetruck glimmered in the sunlight.

2. Wow, Liz got an orgasm, a high, and a 3rd degree burn with that Firetruck!
by erik February 21, 2005
another word for a mentally challenged individual
Your such a firetruck!!
by Slim Steph October 19, 2006
a big red thing that makes specific ip grlz cry in corners
me:here comes a fire truck
LaU: ahhhh a firetruck
me:haha lau

DeDicaTeD 2 LaU
by Guu October 08, 2003

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