Piss the bed. Usuall happens when the firetrucker is extremely drunk.
Oh dude, I woke up soaking wet this morning, I think I firetrucked last night.
by BSNZ February 24, 2012
Another way to say Fuck Cause it starts with an F and ends with an uck
Tod : Dude did you see that?
Sam : Yeah that was so fire trucking hilarous
by N71FS November 05, 2010
To fuck, someone with the force and the strength of a Fire Truck. Or really hard.
omfg he Fire Trucked me. Shit ur lucky last time I was fucked that hard I had to can in sick for work
by C.T.P. May 03, 2006
Fire truck-The devils vehicle, the sum of all evil, the truck that assasinated Hitler during WWII.

Fire trucks also known as Fire engines are one of the more horrfic beasts to terrorize the skys of Germany since the Pterodactyl. It is often seen in a diabolical red color and making a wooo woooo beep honk noise. Legend says that it will spawn 10 minutes after you dial the numbers
"9-1-1" on your telephone. Fire Trucks are said to feed on little children, puppy dogs Haitians and virgins. If you do see a Fire Truck relax, don't move, and be quiet...its their natural instinct to chase after you.
Damn...that Fire Truck sure is red.
by unicorn cannibal July 13, 2010
The act of picking up a girl, taking her home, passing out before being able to have sex, then waking up in the morning to find she has pissed the bed and left.
DW: How'd you go last night with that girl you took home?
LT: Not good, i got Fire Trucked!
by LT the Fireman June 18, 2012
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