1. a shiny pink window - see also: sex

2. a shiny dildo wrapped in marijuana leaves that you light on fire and extinguish with your tongue or mouth - see also: pot-dildo
1. The pink Firetruck glimmered in the sunlight.

2. Wow, Liz got an orgasm, a high, and a 3rd degree burn with that Firetruck!
by erik February 21, 2005
Top Definition
another word for fuck.It starts with "F" and ends with "UCK"
orginally from smosh

watch them on youtube
Teacher:you failed your math test

by Nashary! August 27, 2010
Firetruck is the more polite way of saying F#*$ in Public.
First created by Smosh (Anthony Padilla & Ian Hecox).

Teacher: You didn't pass this grade

Child: Firetruck !!!!!!!
by xxChuchaxx January 10, 2011
new polite way to say fuck (invented by smosh)
Firetruck you~
That was firetrucking weird
by shadowl00t October 30, 2010
A beasly vehicle carrying some of the most bad ass people in the world. It has backwards and forwards seats and a bossy air horn and siren.
Person 1: Hey look at that fire truck go by!

Person 2: Damn, those are some really bosses in that thing.
by Spolls January 19, 2010
A word originally describing a vehicle that puts out fires. However, in recent times it has come to be used as a replacement for the word "fuck", as removing the "-ire tr-" from "fire truck" will give you fuck.
What the fire truck?
by DJ Torrent October 04, 2007
1) A vehicle which carries firemen and fire fighting equipment to the scenes of fires.
2) A substitute for the word "Fuck", which has risen from a (false) rumor that Soupy Sales said on his kids show "What starts with F and ends with UCK?" Firetruck!
1) The firetruck went to the burning house.
2) Go firetruck yourself.
by vinny February 09, 2004
A Big Red Vehicle that FireFighters Drive and to put out Fires from there Hoses to save peoples lives.
Jack Stole The Fire Truck omg!
by Ratt April 05, 2005
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