Firestorm: Now Stop Hardcore Sex with a beautiful Redhead that leaves your cock and balls in pain but makes your dick harder than a brick leaving her hungry for more!!!
Jay: Your my firestorm babe!!
Kris:I love you two my Beast!!!!
by Guy92 March 30, 2010
Top Definition
What Karl Crisis will do to you when you break edge.
with your powers combined, I am Karl Crisis.
A mechanism that goes along with forest fires. Firestorms are large fires covering large areas.

Some area catches fire, then cold air comes in at ground level, creating high winds and fuel more flames. With this method, fires can reach up to 2000 degrees C.

It is not only by nature, but also made by man. A definite example is the nuclear bomb.
The fire that happened in Peshtigo, Wisconsin is a firestorm. Mayhaps one of the largest and deadliest fires in the U.S.
by Welp July 31, 2004
A very large and ferocious storm that occurs once every apocalypse. Often involves the burning of flesh and the incineration of many if not all plant life.
Man: Oh shit there is a large wall of flame coming this way, must be Fire Storm season.
by SolowingSilver October 18, 2009
The add-on pack for Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. This add-on adds new units, new missions, and new features to the already great game of Tiberian Sun, such as the GDI Mobile EMP Cannon and the Nod Reaper.
Firestorm is a great addition to Tiberian Sun with its new units and new missions!
by Joseph D. Collins May 01, 2005
Jerking off while your pubic hair is red thus creating an effect to lokk look like there is a storm.
I was in the bathroom this morning making a Firestorm.
by heterostraiteral November 05, 2006
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