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The barbecue lighter that is used for lighting candles that have hard-to-reach wicks.
Hey, hand me that firestick. I don't want to burn my fingers.
by Lovekraft December 29, 2008
When you pour alcohol or any other burnable liquid on your dick and light it on fire and then a girl proceeds to put out the inferno with her mouth and/or Vagina.
that bitch was insane, she performed the fire stick like a champ
by ander4333424 November 17, 2010
a codename for cigarettes depending on if someone is not cool with it..yo
1hey man you got firesticks? 2yeah. 1o okay ill be right over in that case.
by NickA@# June 10, 2008
When you get gonorrhea from a female of Native American Decent.
That girl gave me the Fire Stick.
by Eureka's Finest June 15, 2011
A person consisting of having red pubic hairs. The firestick is usually referred to the male genital area, for females it's reffered to as a "Firebox".

Parker Hynes is a perfect example of a firebox
by anonymous September 07, 2003
The penis of one who is red headed, located just below the burning bush.
"Did you see that bitch John brought home from the bar? He said that trick really turned some tricks on his fire stick.
by Robwil December 10, 2006
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