noun/verb - the most extreme form of partying, usually featuring cocaine, rear entry, ferrets and fireman boots
Person 1: Do you like to party?

Person 2: You mean like, fireman party?
by Tnye February 16, 2009
The manliest of parties. Any party can be a fireman party so long as the following events occur and can be verified:

1. The individual has to do cocaine off of a woman's back while penetrating from behind.

2. The individual must go home with said woman.

3. The individual must black out and wake up inexplicably wearing fireman's boots in a strange woman's house.

Aside- In no way are ferrets involved in this party.
Person 1: Hey man let's finish off the semester right with the party to end all parties.

Person 2: Dude, it's going to have to be fireman party.

Girl 1: I'll grab the coke and fireman boots.
by Sexy Longbottoms October 16, 2010

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