Fire Hole is what you get when you eat too much indian food. It's what happens when you pee out of your butt, when said butt is on fire.
God, I had too much indian food. I was in the can for an hour with fire hole
by Thoadthetoad June 29, 2010
Top Definition
the inflamation of the anus, which results in redness and itching and burning sensations
"I woke up with the urge to defaecate, only to be interrupted with the knowledge that I have Firehole. It was more painful than ramming a CD drive into your nose."
by joe_hole July 07, 2005
firey sensation you get in your butthole when diarrhea "comes knockin'"
I shouldnt have eaten that burrito, now i have firehole. D:
by dfgasdfvbfdb July 05, 2009
Is slang for when you go to take a dump after eating spicy food and you get that hot and sometimes unbearable burning sensation at your butthole. You know you have had firehole before if you have ever felt the need to sit in ice water after or during a hot dump. Firehole can be bad and will force you to take small breaks between turds so your butthole can cool off.
Man that chili gave me some bad firehole this morning.
by jwatkins936 November 13, 2013
when you eat something extremely hot and you wake up the next day and take a shit that burns your butt hole.
dude last night i ate some mexican food and woke up today only to firehole all over the inside of my toilet .
by potato_army!!!! January 22, 2016
A hole punched in the firewall of your enterprise network.
Geek #1: "Now that we have a firehole, we can access Urban Dictionary! W00t!"

Geek #2: "...or porn."
by v0rtex April 19, 2011
A red haired butt hole.
Casey has a Firehole.
by B Dude July 23, 2016
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