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A type of F-body car made by pontiac.
Can either be a firbird or trans am, sporting the same 346CI LS1 V8 shared by the z28, corvette, and 2004 gto. the limits of the powerplant were pushed further than a ws6, pulling 345 HP and 350 lb/ft TQ. Styling includes: hood scoops w/ heat extracters, a special spoiler w/ long LED tail light, and an SLP tuned muffler.
This car sold new for around 43K. often confused with a trans am, making for great kill stories involving durrty fords.
"Damn, i want that ws-6, but the Firehawk looks better, and has more power"
by Johhny boy April 17, 2006
When you are camping and everybody else has gone to sleep in the tent, leaving you alone by the fire. You then take one of the red hot coals and throw them in the air, burning through everybodys belongings.
Person #1: "Why is there a huge burn hole in our tent?"
Person #2: "I don't know, what tha fack?"
You: "Must've been those damn fire hawks again!"
by definedfirehawk June 29, 2010
When you dip your penis in lighter fluid and set it ablaze, then proceed to buttfuck your partner.
"It's a Fire Hawk, bitch"

Excuse me but you seem to have third degree burns in your ass.
by Dr. Piznit January 07, 2010
FireHawk (fir) (hôk)
Noun: Person.

A large nerd who plays Silkroad Online and other games to much. But he is also kind by hosting Teamspeak clan servers for friends off his own computer. You can usally find firehawk on xfire or teamspeak playing pc games since he has no life.

Overall a good guy.
Hey firehawk what level are you on silkroad online now?
by Andrew Tavares January 08, 2006
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