a red headed woman with puffy 80's hair
dude, look at firebush!
by ** June 26, 2003
Top Definition
The red hairs between the legs of a redhead, male or female.
I can't wait to get me some of that firebush tonight!
by taocat January 24, 2005
Ones pubic hair that is flaming red.
Hey man you have some fire bush stuck inbetween your teeth
by Timmy and johnny October 11, 2003
Female with red pubs on her camel hoof.
Jon: Did you see Jeanie's fire bush?
Ray: Yeah man... she was on fire!
by VooDude August 02, 2006
Were it not for Dick Cheney, this would be the best course of action for the citizens of the United States.
Despite his abysmal track record on virtually every substantive issue, American voters failed to seize the opportunity to fire Bush in the 2004 presidential election.
by GinaMarie October 05, 2007
The groomed (maybe?) pubic nether regions belonging to a person of the red haired persuasion. usually full of sexual energy and vitality, or if you are like my ex girlfriend lyndsay, chlamydia. should be considered armed, and extremely dangerous.
"I would rather have sex with the mouth of a dragon then touch that firebush again. I am never going to take another one of those anitobiotics for as long as I live, they make my stomach hurt, and i have no insurance"
by PFC TGG March 28, 2007
Horn to the box Adina
Q: What's red, white, and blue?

A: Firebush after sex!
by burnt by the fire July 05, 2003
A powerful building present in the warcraft III custom map: Defense of the Ancients. The firebush is positioned at both bases in back of the fountain of health, and is a very powerful defensive structure.
"OMG our whole team just died to that damn firebush"
by ownz0r October 08, 2004
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