A painful and / or burning asshole, usually brought on by eating something really nasty like lots of hot sauce or bad beer. Can of course also be brought on if you get really sick and have a bad case of the runs.
I put that bucket of super hot chicken wings down with a 12 pack of Genesee Cream Ale like a champ last night, but the resulting shits gave me a wicked bad fire eye!
by Brian Feuerage October 23, 2006
Top Definition
The victim of a spooging attack in the eyes where the spooger hands the victim a glass of high-percentage alcohol instead of water.
"LOLZebra totally spunked in kie's eye holes and then dubiago handed her a glass of Everclear instead of water!! Never thought someone would pull off the fire-eyes! Great party dude!
by kalony December 08, 2010
When you are up at night for long periods of time either gaming or watching TV, and when you blink, it burns like crazy.
Man I had fire eyes all last night during the marathon. Every blink was like tear gas.
by Devdo February 06, 2014
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