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immmediately following ejaculation during oral sex, a man covers a womans mouth and punches her in the stomach, causing the ejaculate to be expelled through the nasal passage. it appears that she has magically transformed into a medieval beast. this is only to be performed by brave knights. (see also: smoking dragons breath)
"hey sean. what's that mess on the wall?" "oh that. last night i slayed a fire breathing dragon on the couch."
by sean_517 August 05, 2006
When you suck a guys dick right after chugging a bottle of hot sauce.
Jason: Fuck, that crazy bitch Cayla gave me a fire breathing dragon Saturday night and my dick is still burning.
by JasonMulan123 February 27, 2012
A fire breathing dragon is if when receiving oral sex, at the point of orgasm, the man grabs the back of the person's head and jams it down causing the person to choke, and hopefully, the semen will make it's way up the nasal passage and out of the person's nose. This is a fire breathing dragon.
I accidentally gave my significant other a fire breathing dragon when she started gagging on my load, and it came out of her nose! It was hot.
by Vs Robot May 02, 2006
A dude is getting some hummer action from a chick, and he decides to blow his load into her mouth without her knowing when. When he shoots his seed into her mouth and down her throat he also gives her a swift punch to the neck. This swift punch causes her to cough/gag on the jizzbomb, the cough/gag in turn forces the cumbubble up her nasal pasage and out her nose. The final effect of this devastating move looks like a fire breathing dragon, that is if fire was indeed a guys hot spermatoza.
That fucking slut cheated on me so i gave her the fire breathing dragon while she was all over my choad.
by Johnny Albright March 23, 2005
A sexual act in which the male reverse drags his testicles across a male or females face while passing gas.

Derived from the traditional act of wanting to take your testicles and "drag on" someone. You simply add the fire breathing element (your flatchulent.) And you have yourself a Fire Breathing Dragon.
Last night at that party. After you passed out I gave you a Fire Breathing Dragon in front of everyone in the kitchen.
by Banglour July 30, 2014
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