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Reference to strong alcohol. The Indians used this word to describe alcohol given to them by the white colonists.
Hook me up with some of that firewater, dawg.
by Wanksta March 31, 2005
161 25
Alcohol that is so strong in burns on the way down.
You got the fire water?
Nah I can't handle that shit no more.
by Jizzo Fortanel January 20, 2004
157 45
Fire Water is whiskey. To the drinker, whiskey will seem to burn the mouth. If it doesn't burn, tis terrible and probably a product of some American/British corporation.
Fire Water among other things is a traditional drink in me family.
by Jack Beegan August 07, 2006
61 38
liquor, spirits (attributed to Native Americans)
He had too much firewater and he passed out.
by The Return of Light Joker September 16, 2010
26 15
gutrot, rotgut, alky (US)
Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of firewater !
by Jamie Holden March 30, 2004
16 41
What come out of your ass after eating too much spicy food.
After eating that habanero pepper, Dawneen was shitting fire water.
by Dustin February 18, 2005
36 83