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The act of dipping your testicles into a hot container of melted wax; to form a wax shell of your nutsack.
Pj - "Ever since I tried fire balling I can't grow hair on my coin purse."

Steve - "That sucks man it probably looks like Vin Diesel now."
by SteveGuy May 20, 2011
To be high on ecstacy and marijuana simultaneously. Street slang for rolling and being blazed.
(When at a club) Man, I'm fireballing so hard right now!
by TanChanel789 August 06, 2009
when a guy goes down on a girl, eating out, and she is on her monthly period... Just like snowballing because afterwards the guy makes out with the girl
I was just planning on snowballing with her but she was on period we we ended up fire balling
by call me T September 14, 2006
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