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an arabic name meaning : to have a brain.
therfore existance of a brain
holly shit that guy got an A+ in zoology...firas unlike the rest of us in class
by nadteez December 08, 2007
A man who needs no words but since this is a website dedicated to definitions we'll indulge those who read this. Firas: The culmination of several different intellectual strains that produced a genius that few can rival. While also being a combo of several different intellectual traditions this term also incorporates the traits of several different world cultures. Should there ever be a global cataclysm this man will be the one for whom all our hopes will be dependent upon. The true heart and soul of this individual is the undying spirit dedicated to all things just and moral. However, should the world ever turn its back upon this Cadillac of a man, we shall be in a danger to grandiose for words. It is within his power to destroy or save, the choice, is truly, up to the world.
The continuing world crisis would require a Firas like personality in order to reach a solution.
by Sir Jack of the Green Bay February 02, 2013
Fira is stalker kece. She's a slow but sure type. She would rather suffer through whatever consequences than to EVER admit being wrong. And she never, ever gives up. Fira's accept people the way they are. If she can't deal with the flaws a person have then she move on not try to change them. She's So Romantic and Unpredictable!:p
"Fira kece abissss"
by kecebong March 30, 2012
High quality weed most likely supplied by Mexico or various other Latin countries. Above smasher but below purple. Holds a noticable heat with resembalance to fire when inhaled.
"Browns came through with an eighth of wetback fira, yo, we rollin boy!"
by Fat Soulja September 10, 2003
Typically found in arabian countries (usually syria), are able to get good grades on tests they dont study for due to natural intellegince but are always broke as a drawback
Person1 : bro i cant belive he aces that test without studying, but he wouldnt even get me a snickers bar..
Person2: yeah bro he is such a firas
by Espnftw April 11, 2016
Firas is a term that is associated with anything little and/or petite. The term was originally coined in North Bellmore, NY but is now recognized in Jinan, China as well. Many people when referring disrespectfully to something inferior will call if "firas"
The Yankees looked awfully Firas in the ALCS vs. the Texas Rangers.

(after getting laughed at) You're straight up Firas
by BigPoppa516 November 12, 2010
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