Means "about to" or "going to".
I'm finna go to the store.
by Fangsta March 19, 2003
gonna or going to
imma finna get some del taco
by nikkuhmike March 30, 2009
v. going to
(fin- going)
(na- to)
That boy tried to come at my head, so I'm finna have to heat him.
The movie's at seven? Okay, I'm finna be there.
by Ruffinit February 16, 2009
The African American way of saying i'm going to, or about to. I've heard many (AA)'s if you will, say it. It's extremly funny to say if your white, and quite honestly i find my white self saying it a shizzzload!!!!!
Tyron : Hey mane, u finna get yo gat?

LaBrandon : Nah trick I finna leave it at my crib right quick!

Tyron : U finna die if u aint finna be strapped!

LaBrandon : I got disss!
by shredbmx69 August 09, 2011
A typo on the word "gonna," commonly believed to have first been misspelled by a drunk man who had his auto-correct feature turned off. Basically means "gonna" but sounds more thug.
You: Yo dude, whatcha up to today?
Me: I'm finna get some popeyes son!
by SwagLikeNoOther January 05, 2015
slang word for the phrase " im fixing to"
"im finna go to the bathroom"
"im finna whoop yo ass"
by travis w. March 30, 2007
A term used in place of "fixing to".
Hey, I'm finna go to the mall wit jamie.
by Jerrelle January 11, 2008

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