An illiterate pronunciation of the word "Think". Usually, someone of low socio economic background tend to use the letter "F" in all words spelt the letters "TH". There are also other words which are commonly used by such people. (Bruva)= Brother,(Wiv)= With. The list goes on.
Wat are ya finkin bout? Me bruva finks you feeved his holden an vat. Viss is heaps good ahy.
by finker September 29, 2006
A girl with rather large teeth and tries to get the wiener.
Yo da chick is a mad fink. "kelly"
by Anonymous July 30, 2003
1. kid who is yelled at alot and every1 thinks is fat but i think he is cute

2. stupid fly white guy
He is a fink cause he jus bust a move on my caddy, DDDD-Ride
by Jigger Phelps March 11, 2005

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