An illiterate pronunciation of the word "Think". Usually, someone of low socio economic background tend to use the letter "F" in all words spelt the letters "TH". There are also other words which are commonly used by such people. (Bruva)= Brother,(Wiv)= With. The list goes on.
Wat are ya finkin bout? Me bruva finks you feeved his holden an vat. Viss is heaps good ahy.
by finker September 29, 2006
A scumbucket, slimebag, scoundril, scallywag, piece of shit, trador, undesired being, bastard, fucker, motherfucker, brotherfucker, ass hole, douchebag, purple headed yogurt slinger, asswhipe, shitface, shit monger, fink.

Any of these will do.
Fink is a scoundril. Do not approach unarmed.
by Ron Dean July 31, 2006
The embodiment of what is wrong in a human race. One without friends. A person with the a ability to single-handedly kill everything one enjoys in making movies. A fountain a janky
Mike Fink finked for fun.
by hasten quick January 29, 2005
noun - Some dude that you have to work withevery fucking day and you wish you could rip his head right off and stick it up his own ass so the shit that is coming out of his mouth ends up where it belongs.
also see ass hat.
verb - When you dun just fucked the shit right up!!
Get the hell out of equipment Fink!!
by Amber Wood January 22, 2004
a tall thin dark-featured, shifty-eyed person with a big nose who won't look at you
He seemed like a fink or a spy.
by Joe August 19, 2003
A refreshing beverage.
Neesha: Yo Whit, hand me my fink.
Whit: *Hands lemonade w/ no ice to Neesha*
by __jipped February 09, 2005
A term for someone who does not understand what a schooner is. (It's a sailboat, by the way - there! You aren't a fink!)
An idiot who didn't read the above definition.
by Jackie-Boy June 22, 2005
A person who goes to the authorities and tattles on another person.

A tattler.

A snitch.

A stoolie.

A canary.

A squealer.

In short, a person beneath contempt.
Martha is a contemptable fink. She is the boss's eyes and ears, and reports people who come back from lunch 2 minutes late.
by Cap'n Bullmoose September 24, 2007

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