An illiterate pronunciation of the word "Think". Usually, someone of low socio economic background tend to use the letter "F" in all words spelt the letters "TH". There are also other words which are commonly used by such people. (Bruva)= Brother,(Wiv)= With. The list goes on.
Wat are ya finkin bout? Me bruva finks you feeved his holden an vat. Viss is heaps good ahy.
by finker September 29, 2006
A loveable trickster who wins affection through his/her mischevious antics.
"Oh, John Perry, did you urinate in my soda? You little fink!"
by Smalls April 04, 2005
(adj.)Sometimes referred to as a rat or spy.

(n.) Really awesome person with a huge penis, but ladies...dont get him wrong, he has great respect for almost everyone. Fink can sometimes be spotted walking around the campus of Longwood, or in the summer time you can spot Fink in his hometown of bumfuck Fred-Vegas.
Say, that Fink guy is not exactly the fink as his name would explain.
by Anonymous... November 19, 2004
In marijuana culture, a fink is someone who says they will match you and comes up with an excuse, often unrealistic to avoid pithing in marijuana. Because they promise to pitch in weed and do not, they are more hated than sponges. A fink is recognizable due to their lack of moral ethics in general, paranoid nature and endless preoccupation with how they are viewed by others.
Guy 1 "Man, I can't believe Guy 3 tried to pretend the wind blew his weed away and didn't pitch in for that bowl,"

Guy 2 "Thats nothing. Yesterday he not only didn't pitch in, he jacked my lighter after the session and tried to pretend he didn't. I nearly punched him when I found out."

Guy 1 "Man he is sucha fink."
Guy 2 "Agreed"

Guy 3 *enters on scene*

"Hey guys want to smoke some weed? i got some prime buds, but they are at home so we can smoke then go get them."
by kingaj100 October 16, 2008
NOUN: an asexual human being that has the abilty to engage in sexual activity with it's lower abdomin region.
Man, since Jason has a stomach vagina, he must be a fink.
by ericrc December 10, 2005
The tapered end of a shit caused by the asshole closing.
"That turd was 18 inches long from heel to fink!"
by TMOUS May 10, 2006
A sound effect used when trying to describe something you hit someone or flick a booger.
"and she was all like "fink!"
by Chuck X Lee June 10, 2005
by nick diamond July 16, 2008
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