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A fingerslam is when a man has his partner jam their finger(s) into his urethra. Also a popular shock site hosted by the infamous meatspin.
That chick with the gold ring double fingerslammed that dudes dick and he took like like a man
by Ratheon April 29, 2007
A term that should only be used to describe how one annihilated a girl's baby cave,vagina, cooter, or puss hole with his or her fingers.
Right after Jessica got done giving oral to my meat log I finger slammed her clam and found out she had infestation of roaches in her bush.
by poopieweinerhole April 20, 2010
when you jam one or more fingers into the pee hole of a penis. which usually results in urinating blood and inability to procreate.
yo my urethra is ripped in half that bitch didnt cut her nails before she finger slamed me.
by arewhyan September 27, 2007
the act of fierce finger banging usually resulting in the inability to walk in a normal fashion.
I finger slammed the shit out of this bitch last night.
by team dry hump April 03, 2010
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