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A finger that kind of looks like a penis.
Marina, stop sucking on your fingerpenis!
by hotbitchez2 March 23, 2011
a short and narrow/thin penis that has similar dimensions to a finger.
He had a finger penis, so I had to rely on motion in the ocean to get off.
by R4V4G3D_SKU11S December 28, 2010
A penis that is lacking in girth relative to its overall length, leading to said penis resembling a finger. A true finger penis will be uncircumcised- the foreskin completes the finger resemblance. A circumcised penis will carry the moniker of a band-aided finger penis.
"Do you have condoms for people with long and skinny penises?"

"You mean fingerpenis condoms?"
by Steve with Warrior Balls December 06, 2011
A term used by elite warriors of the east. The great warrior "justanini" developed this term as a way to communicate true feelings for nubs. No nub shall use the great word "fingerpenis". He will endure many night of nubious pain a anguish.
Chad you fucking noob, GTFO or ill get you with my fingerpenis
by another elite warrior April 12, 2007